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"Honor Plaza" Gets Dishonorable Treatment Because of Lee

The Naming Commission on Page 11 of Part II must have a quote erased by Robert E. Lee, which has nothing to do with honoring him or honoring the Confederacy. Honor Plaza, which is a section of the campus that highlights the Military Academy's Honor Code, contains this special quote. In the area there are multiple quotes by different people. So what is the harm? According to the commission, the quote used from Lee was not from his time during the his tenure in the United States Military and therefore is problematic.

Amazingly the report doesn't even include the quote. It must be so offensive that nobody can ever see it. In reality, it is directly applicable to the concept of the honor code and can clearly be detached from the conditions in which Lee made the statement. Lee merely said: “a true glory and a true honor: the glory of duty done—the honor of the integrity of principle."

Showing the quote does not honor Lee nor does it honor the Confederacy. This conclusion is easy for anyone to see once the quote is read. Would you know the quote came from Lee if his name wasn't attached to it?

The Naming Commission demonstrates that they have no concern for tax payer dollars: their primary objective is to erase any memory of these men from history. The only way they will be successful is if you allow them to be.

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