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You can handle the truth

This report is to help the Department of Defense and Congress decide how it should handle assets that honor the Confederate States of American or individuals that voluntarily served in the Confederate Army..

The initial report that The Naming Commission issued contains a variety of inaccurate information. The report does not footnote or list sources in most places so it is impossible to know where some of these claims originate. 

Moreover, all three parts of the report do not attempt to determine whether any individual voluntarily served in the CSA Army. Therefore, the commission cannot make any recommendations to change assets that merely are named after any soldier. To distract from doing its duty, the report instead pursues character assassinations of dead soldiers and an inaccurate analysis of assets. The Civil War presents the most complex legal issues in American history.. The committee must meet the high standards that Congress and the American people demand. 

Please read these pages to learn more. 

Part I United States Army Bases

Part II U..S Military & Naval Academy 

Part III Remaining Depart of Defense Assets

Army Uniforms
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